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28 03, 2017

The Other Side (2016) — Dir. Roberto Minervini

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2016, 92 minutes © The Other Side (Louisiana) – Roberto Minervini (2016) / Agat Films & Cie, Okta Film

At the margins of society and in the face of extreme poverty, meth addiction, and violence, destitute characters try to make sense of their lives in what seems like the abyss of today’s America. At times blurring the lines between drama and non-fiction, Minervini’s compassionate yet raw direction is not an easy ride, but provides a much-needed look into a segment of society we often prefer to forget about.

28 03, 2017

Rich Hill (2014) — Dir. Andrew Droz Palermo & Tracy Droz Tragos

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2014, 91 minutes © Rich Hill – Andrew Droz Palermo & Tracy Droz Tragos / The Orchard

Winner of the 2014 Sundance Grand Jury Prize (U.S. Documentary), Rich Hill chronicles the dysfunctional lives of three impoverished male teenagers, and their families, living in the small dystopian city of the eponymous name. With beautiful cinematography, sharp editing, and a clear determination to go beyond the stereotypes often associated with ‘white trash America,’ the film is a truly compassionate portrait of looming adulthood in a place with very limited life prospects.

28 03, 2017

The Overnighters (2014) — Dir. Jesse Moss

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2014, 90 minutes © The Overnighters – Jesse Moss / Mile End Films West

The story of a Lutheran pastor named Jay Reinke, whose church has become a safe haven for the thousands of unemployed and disenfranchised hopefuls swarming the small town of Willinston, North Dakota, under the lure of the oil fracking boom. With many layers and a twist ending, this documentary provides a riveting window into the highs and lows of this new migratory working-class… and the people who have to live next to/with it.