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4 04, 2017

El Sicario: room 164 (2010) — Dir. Gianfranco Rosi

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2010, 84 minutes ® El Sicario: room 164 ?

Confined in a motel room in which he used to torture victims, a masked, anonymous, hit man recounts twenty years of criminal life working at the behest of a Mexican drug cartel. Using a marker pen and notepad, he illustrates his career of crime with unparalleled intensity. Rather than filling the screen with reenactments or cutaway images, Rosi’s camera is unflinching, staying on the sicario at almost all times, as the latter alternate between gory details of torture and killing methods (it’s not often you hear about ways to peel off a man’s skin, layer by layer) and stories of faith and repentance. A must-see!

4 04, 2017

Cartel Land (2015) — Dir. Matthew Heineman

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2015, 98 minutes ® Cartel Land?

Nominated at the 88th Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and winner of the Best Director Award and Special Jury Award for Cinematography (U.S. Documentary Competition) at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Cartel Land offers a dramatic look at vigilante efforts to counter organized drug crime at the Mexican–American border. When fighting against violence, lines between good and evil become increasingly blurred…a slipping morality in the pursuit of justice perfectly captured by the film.

4 04, 2017

The House I Live In (2012) — Dir. Eugene Jarecki

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2012, 110 minutes® The House I Live In?

Awarded the prestigious Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, The House I live In is a poignant indictment of America’s longest war and the policies that have enabled it. At the root of it all, a social and racial caste system still in place long after the last days of the old Jim Crow laws. And an ever increasing and oh so profitable industrial prison complex that has decimated entire communities, thrown non-violent non-dealing drug users inside overcrowded and unsafe jail cells, cost taxpayers over a trillion dollars, and proved non-effective in reducing drug consumption.