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The Act of Killing (2012) — Dir. Joshua Oppenheimer

2012, 166 minutes © The Act of Killing (2013) dir. Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn / Drafthouse Films

Executively produced by Werner Herzog and Errol Morris (not too shabby), Oppenheimer’s feature will surely prove uncomfortable for some viewers, as it gives a rather unfiltered voice to some of the killers responsible for the Indonesian Communist purge of 1965-1966. To examine the mind of these joking and laughing mass-murderers, still heralded as heroes and holding tremendous power within the country, the director encourages them to produce filmic reconstructions of their death squad activities. The surreal cinematic structure through which the protagonists process reality allows the documentary to expand from the sole focus of the Indonesian genocide to a much more global tale of human nature, providing a riveting yet terrifying watch for viewers.

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